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Cad Steel - Mission Statement

It is our mission to continue to display all of the leadership qualities that make us one of the leading structural steel detailing companies in India. The heart of our mission, or quality policy, is captured in one word


Every activity we are engaged in is encompassed by this word. Leadership describes our position in the structural steel industry, all of our employees, our programs, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Employee Leadership

Fair compensation, career development training, and advancement opportunities are cornerstones of our ability to find, develop, and retain successful employees. The combined dedication and technological skill of our employees play the largest role in maintaining the leading position we have earned in the structural steel industry.

Quality Leadership

A main element of our leadership mission is to continuously provide our customers with a product that we, as customers, would be eager to purchase. . Senior detailers are required to advance their engineering fundamentals through such programs as the CISC-SDIBC Connection Design Course.

Industry Leadership

We continue to lead through active involvement in trade organizations, technical societies, standards and specifications groups, and through support of university research and education.

Family Leadership

We believe healthy families are an integral component of the past and current successes of the company. We offer a comprehensive benefit package that includes the needs of all employees and their families. In addition, we offer an employee and family assistance program that provides confidential and professional assistance to individuals, helping them deal with and overcome personal difficulties.

Community Leadership

We believe strongly in supporting our community and people in need by supporting selected charities.

Our Values

Our People We respect and care for our people. Through training, mentorship, and encouragement we help our people on their journey by providing support and resources to achieve their goals.


We are ethical, honest, reliable, and accountable. We exhibit integrity when dealing with customers, suppliers, colleagues, family, and friends. We deserve trust, respect, and loyalty because that is how we treat others.


We value hard work, dedication, family and personal time. We encourage balance and consider it essential to the well being of our people and their families.

Social Responsibility

We value the footprint we leave on society. We are concerned about the impact our operations have on the community and world we live in. We are committed to share our resources to improve our community and promote environmental responsibility.

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